Damage and fracture mechanics for lightweight structures

Om kursen

The purpose of the course damage and fracture mechanics focused on composite is to give an overview of how to model and simulate problems involving material deterioration and fracture in composite laminates using finite element technology. To describe material and structural deterioration, the course focuses on typical failure mechanisms of composite laminates combined with generic concepts of continuum damage and fracture modeling based on the cohesive zone concept. Special models of damage and fracture related composites laminates are considered.

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Ragnar Larsson, ragnar.larsson@chalmers.se, 031-7725267


  1. Jean Lemaitre and Rodrigue Desmorat, Engineering Damage Mechanics: Ductile, Creep, Fatigue and Brittle Failures, Springer 2005. (Available as e-book at Chalmers library).
  2. Modeling of Localized Inelastic Deformation Lecture notes, Milan Jirasec.
  3. Lecture notes will be provided.


Ragnar Larsson, Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik