Advanced fatigue and fracture analysis

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The course sets out from a recapitulation of "classic" fatigue design with emphasis on different fatigue phenomena and key influencing parameters both from a solid mechanics' and a materials' perspective.

Subsequent sections include

•    Fracture mechanics – linear and non-linear, relation to fatigue analyses, computational aspects
•    Growth of short and long fatigue cracks – phenomena, prediction
•    Multiaxial fatigue – high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, crack growth
•    Contact fatigue – contact mechanics, damage mechanisms and damage modes, predictive methods in contact fatigue
•    Thermal effects in fatigue – mechanisms and predictive models for thermal fatigue and creep
•    Gigacycle fatigue, vibration fatigue, fatigue in non-metallic materials

It is fairly open to adjust the focus (and partly the scope) of the course to fit needs and interests of the participants.

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Examination will be in the form of assignments. In addition, each participant is expected to give a lecture on a selected topic with relevance for her/his on-going research.

Estimated 10 times 4 hours lectures.

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Professor Anders Ekberg Email: Phone: 031-772 3480


Course literature will be selected scientific papers / book extracts, see the course PM.


Professor Anders Ekberg and invited lecturers. Email: Phone: 031-772 3480