Epidemiology and integrated safety

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The objective of the course is to give the participants an overview of epidemiological terminology, data collection and statistical methods and considerations for analysis in the context of traffic safety. The course involves guest lectures by several prominent researchers in Sweden. Target participants for the course are PhD-students and traffic safety experts from the vehicle industry.

Intended learning outcomes
By the end of the course, a successful student will be able to describe the role of epidemiology in the context of traffic safety; apply frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods and describe the difference between the two approaches; evaluate availability of appropriate data to address typical traffic safety problems; perform the analysis and adequately formulate conclusions based on the results.

More information
Duration: 4 half-day lectures (April 20, May 9, May 16, June 7) and 2 full days (May 2 and May 24) are planned.
Location: Chalmers University of Technology, SAFER Centre, Göteborg, Sweden
Examination: Homework and exam

Exam: Thursday, 14 June

Contact information and registration
András Bálint

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András Bálint Email: andras.balint@chalmers.se Phone: 070-358 3648


András Bálint