Writing for the Humanities and Social Sciences

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The course will be given online.

Two tracks will run in parallel throughout the course:
Discussion Seminars

Exploration of publication genres, discussion of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary aspects in the writing process, and introduction of text analysis in collaboration with the invited lecturers.

Workshop Sessions (Peer Review)

Continuous work throughout the course on an individual text for publication: a research article, book chapter (i.e. doctoral thesis monograph chapter), or other equivalent. The text should progress through peer response with course participants and STS senior faculty.

The following topics and practices are covered:
  • Identification of different recurring rhetorical patterns through selected examples
  • General written language practice, vocabulary, grammar, and textual organisation
  • Formal, disciplinary and rhetorical aspects in writing a work for publication such as a research article, a book chapter, a monograph, a research comment, or editorial among other formats.
  • Navigating the publication process and recognising the different publication pathways
  • Providing and receiving peer response through repeated cycles of drafting in writing groups
  • Reflecting on the individual writing process – both as an individual and with peers
  • Examining possibilities for non-peer or mass-audience scientific communication, with the written text as one example


The course is organised around a two-hour (and possibly longer) session every second week for 6 months. Each session is either a seminar led by an externally invited lecturer, or a collaborative workshop (focusing on individual texts) relying upon course participants and in collaboration with selected STS faculty as discussants. Sessions are based on either (1) publications of the external lecturer or other literature suggested by the same, or (2) materials that participants bring to class either through their own composition or according to specific course assignments. Participants must be in a writing process during the course and have some (minimal) experience of writing in their field in order to benefit from the organisation of the course.

Mer information

Nicholas Surber, nicholas.surber@chalmers.se


Additional material distributed during seminars. 


Lecturers: Invited lecturers from senior faculty at STS, TME, or others at Chalmers University of Technology, and often including academics from outside institutions in Europe and abroad. Teachers: STS junior and senior faculty function as discussants, discussion leaders, and potentially as senior reviewers, in workshops. Examiner: Karl Palmås