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Basic concepts: thermodynamics, kinetics and reactivity of surface reactions;

Catalytic reactor engineering: transport processes, reaction-diffusion systems, reactor design;

Analysis of rate data: kinetic information, experimental design and apparent kinetic parameters;

Kinetic modelling: first-principles and engineering approaches including molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and mean-field kinetics w/wo transport phenomena;

Catalyst synthesis: catalyst design and wet-chemical synthesis routes;

Deactivation phenomena: catalytic effects, mechanisms and models;

Measurement methods: determination of physicochemical properties and performance of catalysts;

Operando characterisation: spectroscopy (IR and XAS) and scattering (XRD, SXRD);

Model systems: preparation and studies on ideal surfaces, and planar and porous catalysts;

Case studies: environmental catalysis, chemical and fuel synthesis, energy-related catalysis.


Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics (third edition) by I. Chorkendorff and H. W. Niemantsverdriet (WILEY-VCH)

Synthesis of Solid Catalys by K. P. de Jong (WILEY-VCH).

Excerpts handed out during the course.


Per-Anders Carlsson (K), Derek Creaser (K), Henrik Grönbeck (F), Anders Hellman (F), Hanna Härelind (K), Louise Olsson (K) and Magnus Skoglundh (K)