Physics and chemistry of nucleic acids

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DNA, regarding structure, dynamics and interactions in solution. It is a literature course where each participant gives a presentation (2h) of a chapter of the book. Examination is through 1) the oral presentation, 2) weekly assignments dealing with each lecture, and 3) a few broader assignments at the end of the course.

Nitrogen bases, nucleosides, nucleotides. Chemical and enzymatic methods, Sequencing. DNA structure. UV-vis and IR spectroscopy. Theoretical methods. Size and shape of DNA coils. Conformational change. Circular DNA. Interactions with water, ions, dyes, drugs and proteins. Coil-compaction in vitro and packaging in bacteriophages.

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Application is made by sending an email to Fredrik Westerlund or Marcus Wilhelmsson

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Fredrik Westerlund, email: Department of Biology and Biological Engineering Marcus Wilhelmsson, email: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Nucleic Acids. Structures, Properties and Functions.
Bloomfield, V.A., Crothers, D.M., and Tinoco, I.
University Science Books, Sausalito 2000


Fredrik Westerlund and Marcus Wilhelmsson