Dynamisk elektrokemi

Om kursen

Litterature studies, studentled seminars, labs och problemsolving in groups. Examination is a group task.

Course outline
1.    basic concepts, electrode processes, the double layer, introduction to mass transport, coupled chemical reactions
2.    thermodynamics of electrochemical cells and reactions
3.    kinetics of electrode reactions (one step-one electron, multistep mechanisms, Marcus theory for electrode reactions, Gerisher models)
4.    Mass transfer at electrodes (diffusion, migration)
5.    Potential step methods and potential sweep methods and Spectroelectrochemistry
6.    Bulk electrolysis
7.    Coupled electrode and chemical reactions, modified electrodes, semiconductor electrodes
8.    Photoelectrochemistry, electrogenerated photoluminescence
9.    Applications of electrochemisty I
10.    Applications of electrochemistry II
11.    Applications of electrochemistry III

Literature: Electrochemical methods, Bard & Faulkner & Physical chemistry, Atkins & Scientific papers
Organization: A mixture between lectures given by the course participants, discussions based on the assigned reading. In addition participants will have to find relevant scientific literature (reviews and research papers) for the last lectures.

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Bard & Faulkner “Electrochemical methods” originalartiklar, reviewartiklar


Maria Abrahamsson