Elemental analysis

Combustional elemental analysis is a fast and efficient way of analysing the “organic” elements like CHNS. The sample usually comes in the form of powder and is wrapped in a small tin foil before loaded into the elemental analyzer. The tin foil is then dropped into a combustion tube where it is fully combusted in the presence of oxygen. In a subsequent step the gases thereby produced are reduced and excess oxygen is removed so that only simple gases - CO2, H2O, N2 and SO– remain. These gases are then collected and analyzed and the result for each element (CHNS) is presented as weight percent of the total sample mass. The elemental analyzer at CMAL is a vario MICRO cube from Elementar. The MICRO cube analyzes the CHNS content (weight percent) of organic compounds in one single run. All other elements, if any, will be given as a residual mass. Typical sample amounts are 1-10 mg and the analytical range extends down to around 0.001 mg for CHNS. Samples are preferably supplied as a finely ground powder with enough mass to allow for at least two runs.

Contact person

Stefan Gustafsson
  • Senior Research Engineer, CMAL, Physics