User access and prices

The instruments at CMAL are available to academia and industry. If you have an interest in using the instruments please contact the lab staff directly. Depending on your needs there are different user modes. The most common is that you learn how to operate the instrument and then get a license to book the instrument and use it yourself. We can also designate an operator for you that will run the instrument. Should an operator be needed for more long term projects we can assist in finding a collaboration partner amongst our users. 

The instrument fee can be found in the table below. For use of instrument with operator, an extra fee for the operator will be added: 700 SEK/hour for academia and 1500 SEK/hour for companies.

User instrument fees at CMAL (SEK/hour)



Other users

Mass spectrometry

APT - CAMECA LEAP 6000 XR8003000

Electron microscopy

SEM - JEOL  Prime5001500
SEM - ​FEI Quanta (ESEM)5001500
SEM - ​LEO Ultra5001500
FIB-SEM - ​Tescan GAIA7002000
FIB-SEM - FEI Versa7002000
TEM - FEI Titan11003000
TEM - ​FEI Tecnai6001500

Optical microscopy and spectroscopy

Raman microscope - WITec alpha300 R200600
FTIR - Bruker Hyperion/Vertex200600

X-ray scattering ​

​PXRD - Bruker D8 Discover4001000
PXRD - Bruker D8 Advance300500
SCXRD - Rigaku Synergy-R5001200
SAXS - SAXSLAB Mat:Nordic4001000

​Tools for sample preparation

BIB - Leica TIC 3X300600

Prices shown do not include VAT.​