Events, workshops and courses


In addition to providing the hands-on training for getting started using the different instruments at CMAL, we also offer courses and workshops for improving the operational and theoretical skills of all our users. These courses are mainly aimed at operators who are quite new to the technique. The theory is connected to the practical aspects that an operator will encounter when running the instrument and performing analysis.

Information about upcoming courses will be posted here and will also be sent by mail to all CMAL users. We can upon request also offer tailor-made training and courses for your needs. For more information about the CMAL courses, contact CMAL staff.

SEM course

Every year we are organizing courses for our SEM users covering the basic theory and the underlying physical principles of operation.

APT course

This course is intended for PhD students and scientists that are, or might become, users of APT instruments or need an in-depth understanding of APT to interpret and analyse APT data.