PXRD: D8 Advance

The D8 Advance from Bruker is reliable, multi-purpose setup for high quality XRD measurements. The setup is equipped with a Cu X-ray source and a Lynx-eye energy dispersive detector, which can work in 0D and 1D modes, depending on the application.

Instrument data

  • Cu X-ray tube source 1.54Å
  • Theta-2Theta configuration (stationary X-ray tube)
  • First gen Lynx-eye PSD detector
  • Available optics: Cu K-1 Johansson monochromator, Göbel mirror for parallel beam
  • Measurement modes:
    - Bragg Brentano para-focusing
    - Grazing incidence with parallel beam
    - Focusing beam in transmission (capillary and film sample holders)
  • Motorized slits for variable sample illumination
  • Air scattering knife
  • Capillary sample holder
  • In-situ cells:
    - MRI HT heating/cooling cell (-150°C – 1500°C in two configurations)
    - Anton Paar XRK 900 (up to 900°C and 10bar)
  • EVA software with PDF+ 2020 database for pattern matching and data analysis

Contact person

Michal Strach
  • Senior Research Engineer, CMAL, Physics