FTIR microscope/spectrometer: Hyperion3000/Vertex70v

The FTIR instrument at Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory is a Bruker Hyperion3000 microscope coupled to a Bruker Vertex70v spectrometer. The confocal microscope allows for diffraction limited IR imaging and selected point measurements, both in reflection and transmission. using the grazing incidence reflection (GIR) objective it is also possible to measure monolayers. The spectrometer can be used separately for bulk measurements, either in transmission or reflection using the attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory.

Instrument data

Spectrometer Vertex70v

  • Detection range: 8000-350 cm-1 (liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector) and 6000-30 cm-1 (DLaTGS detector)
  • In vacuum (sample compartment may be vented)
  • Spectral resolution: < 0.16 cm-1
  • ATR accessory with diamond crystal available

Microscope Hyperion3000

  • Detection range: 8000-600 cm-1
  • Transmission and reflection measurements
  • Objectives: 4X visible, 15X, ATR (Ge), GIR
  • Polarizers (visible and IR light)

Contact person

Katarina Logg
  • Senior Research Engineer, CMAL, Physics