About Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory

Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory (CMAL) operates as a Chalmers Research Infrastructure and is open to all researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg on equal terms. We are also more than happy to welcome external users from academia as well as industry.

The primary aim of the laboratory is to provide resources for conducting excellent research but also to be a meeting place for researchers and students. This will contribute to a multi-disciplinary way of addressing scientific challenges and to channel technology transfer and information exchange with society at large. In addition, CMAL seeks to improve the visibility of materials science at Chalmers and the quality of education and outreach activities.

The costs at the Laboratory are, to a large extent, covered by instrument fees, which are based on several factors such as depreciation, rent, consumables and service costs. The prices for academic users are kept low, due to direct support from funding agencies, private research foundations and from Chalmers. ​​


CMAL is hosted by the Department of Physics. The Deputy Head of Utilization Quality and Infrastructure of the department, Fredrik Höök, has the overall responsibility for the lab. To assist the Deputy Head of Utilization Quality and Infrastructure there is a Reference group of scientists from different departments at Chalmers representing a broad scientific range.

The Scientific Coordinator, Per-Anders Carlsson (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), acts as an advisor and coordinator for the strategic development of the Laboratory. To his help he has four expert groups. These expert groups consist of scientists from different departments at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg. The function of these expert groups is to give advice and support to the Deputy Dean and the Scientific Coordinator regarding instruments and analysis methods.

The Head of Laboratory, Per-Anders Carlsson (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), has the executive function within the organization and is assisted by the Laboratory staff: Stefan Gustafsson, Katarina Logg, Ludvig de Knoop and Michal Strach. For some of the instrumental techniques in the Laboratory there are so called user meetings. These meetings are open to all users and are forums for the Head of Laboratory, the Laboratory staff and the users to discuss the status, use and future of the instruments and related methods.​