Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.

Stopping time at Chalmers

I never thought I would say this, but I have never felt better seeing the rain and the strong wind in Gothenburg as it reminds me of how much I've missed Chalmers and Sweden over the summer.

It all started in June, after completing my first year at Chalmers, I was so worn out from all the hard work, extra effort to master Matlab (which I didn't!) and all the exams, labs, projects and presentations. So, I felt like I really needed a vacation. I missed my family, the food, and the heat.

All I was thinking during then was that I had been in Sweden for so long, and I needed to take a break and see the people who are more tanned. So, I booked the first flight after my exam and fled from the Swedish Summer. I spent 2.5 months in Bangkok. The time went by so fast, as I was having too much fun traveling,and eating delicious food with no regrets. It almost felt like going back to Chalmers is going to be a whole year of work and stress as I have decided to do a 60 credit Master's Thesis. All the comforts of home had made me feel like I didn't want to leave home and be somewhere cold on the other side of the map. I thought I have already been to almost all the places in Gothenburg, experienced the swedish culture, tasted most of the Swedish food and desserts and finished most of my courses. So, I thought it would not be as exciting as the first year. Also, I have to admit I was a little anxious about my thesis.

With all the negativity, I travelled back to Gothenburg in late August. I had my sunglasses in my purse expecting to be welcomed by the glorious sunshine and the warm summer. However, not surprisingly, my plane landed in a magnificent rain in Gothenburg. To my dismay, my luggage didn't make it to Sweden with me but stayed back in Berlin where I had my transit. So, I had to wait for 1.5 days to get it back. But as soon as I set foot in the airport, one of my flat mates came to pick me up while, the rest of my flat mates were so happy about my arrival. They gave me free food and lent me stuff to wear while waiting for the luggage. My friends from Chalmers and my phadder group were all so excited to see me as well. We talked about all the fun we had last year and all of a sudden, all those great memories of Chalmers and Sweden just flashed back like a kaleidoscope of good memories.

I never thought I would say this, but I have never felt better seeing the rain and the strong wind in Gothenburg as it reminds me of how much I've missed Chalmers and Sweden over the summer. I also signed up last minute to be a Phadder. My "kids" are awesome and fun to be with. We enjoyed all the phadder activities and we are even planning our own hang outs. Also, I started my thesis work, and I could not ask for a better supervisor.

Right now, I feel like the time just needs to slow down because I am enjoying my life so much and it scares me that I only have one year left at Chalmers.

I realized I was focusing too much on the tiresome part of the Masters program, forgeting about all the fun I had during my first year. For instance, all those cool events, sauna trips, international dinners, Movies nights, Game of thrones evenings, sushi nights, laser tag fights, etc..

The message I want to convey to all the new and old students is that, studying at Chalmers is going to be tough, but you should not focus too much on the hurdles, and worry about things that haven't yet happened. You should work hard and also not forget about having fun because student life is too short to be stressing out about. All I want right now is to freeze my time a bit because I don't want this year to end and I'm going to make every second at Chalmers count.

Hope you guys have a great semester.

Written by: Daphne Hingert

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.