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This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a master's programme at Chalmers University of Technology. Submit your application through from mid-October until mid-January. The master's programmes at Chalmers commences in the autumn semester only. We look forward to receiving your application!

Chalmers participates in what is called the "First admission round" from October to January only. At  two application rounds for the autumn semester are published, Chalmers does not participate in the second round from March to April. Also the second admission round must not be confused with what Chalmers refers to as a late application.

Application procedure

The instructions are general and apply to all applicants from other universities in Sweden and worldwide included. For bachelor’s students at Chalmers, there is a separate, local admissions round.

  1. Find the master's programme of your interest.
  2. Read through the general and specific entry requirements for the programme before applying.
  3. Submit your online application. 
  4. Pay the application fee, if this applies to you.
  5. Submit the supporting documentation to your account.
  6. Check your personal account regularly and read any published notifications. 
  7. If you are a fee-paying applicant, you may separately apply for scholarships

Key dates

This is an overview of important dates throughout the application process, up to the beginning of your master’s studies.

Key dates

Find all important dates related to your application

Entry requirements for master’s studies

To be eligible for master's programmes you must meet the general and specific entry requirements. Note that all applicants must also prove their English language proficiency.

General entry requirements

  • To fulfil the general entry requirement for a master's programme at Chalmers (at advanced level/the second cycle), the prospective student must hold a degree that is equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor degree (minimum 3years, 180 Swedish higher education credits) in either Science, Engineering, Technology or Architecture.
  • All applicants must document their formal academic qualifications to prove their eligibility. Only documentation from internationally recognized universities will be approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education which manages the website
  • If an applicant is also holder of a second degree such as a Master's degree, that may be as to fulfill the specific entry requirements. A Master’s degree cannot fulfill the general entry requirement, it may complement the Bachelor’s degree, never replace it.

English language requirement

For advanced level (master’s programme) the requirement is the equivalent of the Swedish upper secondary course English 6. All applicants can meet the requirement with the required score on an internationally recognised English test. Upper secondary and university studies in some countries can also meet the requirement. Find out what applies to your country of study at


Specific entry requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements and the English language requirements, the applicants must meet the specific entry requirements. Master's programmes at Chalmers  (presentation of program and it's prerequisites) 

Programme specific requirements

The programme-specific requirements include a Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) with one or several possible fields of study (majors) and additional prerequisites.

The additional prerequisites constitute of one or several courses selected as necessary for the specific programme (if any). Three of Chalmers master's programmes require a portfolio. Two programme applies alternative selection in several steps (Entrepreneurship and business design and Learning and Leadership).

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Required documents 

The list of required documents applies to all applicants, including those with a Swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship. This list of required documents is more extensive than the minimum requirements listed at For your application to be processed, all of the required documents must be submitted at your account at or by the deadline for supporting documentation. All deadlines are listed at Key dates.

The documents that are submitted to support the application must be in either Swedish or English. If the original document is issued in another language, then a translation of the original document must be submitted with the original document. The translator must be certified.

Notification of selection results

The official Notification of Selection Results is published on your personal account at

The PDF file serves as the official document and should be used whenever you need to present an official copy of your selection results. No hard copies are sent out.
Students who are required to pay tuition fees will have the notification 'Conditionally admitted' on their Notification of Selection Results. The status will remain after having paid the tuition fee, since this is a matter between the university and the prospective student. To prove that the condition has been met, to whom it may concern, the student may use the official Notification of Selection Results together with the proof of payment provided by the Tuition fees.

After the notification of selection results

After the admissions selection, the result is posted in your account at in the Application secti...

Late application

A late application is possible if the master’s programme re-opens. Check for alternatives the day after the Notification of selection results are published in the first application round. On this date any available programme will appear with an active add-button at Key dates at will state all dates for the current application period. Check the entry requirements, both general and specific as well as prepare the required documentation before you apply.

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