Smashing Hierarchy During My Internship at Ericsson

​Let me tell you about my summer internship at Ericsson!​

It all started with ‘I want to try something more challenging and real’. I wanted to work in an IT company, and I learnt that the best way to get a work experience during your study is getting an internship during the summer. So, around November and December I polished my CV and my cover letter, so that it is eye catching and pray to god that it is. I started early because companies will start to recruit interns when January rolls in until March, so I got to work fast. 

Once January comes, I'm ready to fire my internship applications away, after applying it is time for the long wait. The recruitment process could take up to 3 months after the deadline, so I was sitting on pins and needles for a while. When March rolls in, finally, I got an email saying that they want to have an interview with me and guess what, it's from Ericsson! Ericsson is a big company and conveniently, their office in Gothenburg is beside my campus: Chalmers Campus Lindholmen. I said yes to the interview, obviously. I was super thrilled and nervous, but I passed the interview, good job me 😊. 

Around April, I got an email saying I got the internship and then I signed my soul away~, just kidding! I signed the contract and I'm officially hired for the summer. Yippee!😁

Working at Ericsson has been delightful. The company is big, but it feels warm because everyone is very helpful, and it feels like a one big family. People are really friendly here. The most important thing I notice here is that it's very casual and my manager is like a friend here. The hierarchy of the organization is clearly written, but it’s transparent and everyone is on the same level. I can ask my manager for help for anything and he is like a mentor and my friend. There is no pressure when I work, I can choose when to come to work and I was given the freedom on how I want to do my work. We had orientation day for interns at Ericsson on the first day, and boy was it enjoyable. They emphasized that working here as an intern should be productive and fun. 
Our manager created a team of 5 interns from different countries together to be responsible for a project. We were thankful for that because we got along so well. Although we are from different backgrounds, we fit together so well and work has been amazing everyday because we were together. 

My expertise is developing software requirements, but I learned about backend and frontend development from my teammates. We helped one another and filled in each other’s gap. I have picked up lots of skills like playing board games, dungeons and dragons, cooking Swedish food, greeting my teammates in the morning in 7 different languages, ranging from Swedish, German, Russian, Macedonian, Arabic, French, to Italian. I usually play pool, shuffleboard after lunch with my team. We hang out together for after work and board games a lot too. Work is important, but team building, and connections are also equally important. Now I know why my friends are so happy even though they are doing both study and work, it's because they have a good working and study environment. 

I would never have imagined that I would be getting so much in just 3 months. ‘You’d never know unless you try it for yourself’, this saying is very true. Ericsson has taught me more than what I expected and I am grateful for every moment there.

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2019.