Workout and eat candy!

​Walls of candy may be something that dreams are made of but in Sweden it’s an amazingly delicious reality.

Walls of pick and mix candy in Sweden

Walls of pick and mix candy in Sweden.

Candy, you either love it or you LOVE it. There are only two possibilities much like yin and yang, 0 and 1, day and night (a stretch I know) where one generally depends on the outcome of the other. It can therefore be said that Sweden’s fitness culture and the Swedes’ love of sugar is a strange albeit great pairing.

Going to the gym, running clubs and games of paddle tennis are quite common activities in Sweden that are enjoyed, dare I say, by a majority of the population. In saying that, Chalmers also encourages health and ​​​wellbeing where their sports hall for various team sports can be used where this is also a swimming pool and sauna in the Johanneberg campus. Chalmers students can also get discounts on memberships and fees at various gyms namely Fysiken.

All this watching and hearing of working out got me on board as well! The one thing that I still did not quite understand, however, was how every single supermarket and even standalone stores could dedicate so much space to candy. I was confused (and to be fair, I still am slightly) as to how large the demand is for that sugar fix here in Sweden. Being a business student, I think back to the principles of supply and demand and thus surely I figure there must be a large enough
demand for all these businesses to dedicate walls and I mean WALLS to sweet lollies, chocolates and nuts especially considering how much time is spent on working out!

Maybe a part of my initial shock has something to do with the fact that in Australia it is highly uncommon to be able get pick and mix candy off of walls! In fact, growing up I recall there only being one store that offered this, and it was very close to my primary school. All of the schoolkids, myself included obviously, would go crazy on the gummy bears and snakes. Thinking about it some more, I think a large part of my awe surrounding Sweden’s walls of candy is this nostalgia aspect. Even though the options feel like they’re endless here, I still always find myself going back to the good old gummy bears.

Author: Tamara​​​​​

Page manager Published: Mon 31 Aug 2020.