Working industrially during my courses … (Part 2/2)

Coming back to continue my industrial experiences with building our beloved Formula Student car (Her name is Clara :)) while doing my Formula Student course.

Hej everyone!

This blog is the second in series about my industrial experience while doing my course in Formula Student at Chalmers. If you have not read the first one, you can read it here. The second part of my industrial exposure comes from working with companies who provide us finished parts as per our designs or who provide us with raw materials for our manufacturing at our end. Although we build most of our car by ourselves, few parts cannot be built or tested at Chalmers because of a shortage of resources, know-how or the money. So, we have industrial partners such as Volvo CarsCliff models and Elitkomposit who help us test, build or finish some of our parts. Volvo Cars helps us with testing of the impact system of our car, which protects the driver in case of frontal impact; and the driver harness brackets which were metal 3D printed at Chalmers this year. Cliff models helps CNC milling of large components such as Aerodynamic wing molds and chassis mold plugs. Elitkomposit provides us with a large autoclave for curing composite parts such as Carbon Fibre Chassis and Rims. Another type of companies is AirtechSSAB who provide us with raw materials such as vacuum bags, steel tubes etc. so that we may manufacture these parts at Chalmers. To be able to coordinate with these huge companies and get our work done within our decided timeline is a challenge in itself for students and counts for a major part of my industrial experience. It makes us more realistic in planning ahead and build the car keeping in mind the constraints during manufacturing.

The amount of industrial work and network that we build during these months rewards us with much more than the credits we earn. It helps us make design and manufacturing decisions more clearly. It doesn’t only provide us with access to cutting-edge technology and manufacturing practices; it teaches us to be realistic while actually thinking. This, in my opinion, is the best thing we can ask for while getting an industrial experience. And, well, of course, coming third place at the competition in Red Bull Ring at Austria this year was a cherry on the cake!
You are most welcome to contact me for further details about our project and how it helped me with my degree at Chalmers.

Written by: Bharat Mehta
Photos by: Filip Ljungström and Josefine Johansson

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.