Winter is Coming

​Winter is approaching, are you ready!? For some international students, Swedish winter may be the toughest season around the year, but it may also be the most exciting and cozy moment. 
“Are you sure that you are going to study in Sweden? You may not see sunlight for half year, only snow, so terrible.” This is the comment I heard the most before I decided to study at Chalmers. Apart from Ikea, Volvo and sustainability, Swedish winter may be the most impressive image for the country. At the beginning of November, before it snows, Gothenburg seems dark and gloomy, but you can feel that the whole city is looking forward to the snow. The darkness makes me feel sleepy sometimes, especially when it makes illusions about time. For example, I start feeling it is late at 4 o’clock but I have not yet started any of my work. It took me, a girl from a subtropical country, a couple of months to get used to it. Even though this winter is my second one here, I won’t say that I am an expert, just develop some skills to enjoy winter. 

Preparing physical condition and proper clothing is necessary to survive in the harsh winter here. You can get a good deal for proper winter clothes during black Friday. Vitamin D may be complementary when the daytime is so short. But in my opinion, enough sleep every day is the key to enlighten the mood. Also, I love to go to the gym, where I found strength from my inner self. Many studies show that exercise is the best treatment against depression. Maybe that’s why going to the gym is a trend in Sweden. Besides, psychological health is indispensable. I like to light up candles when I wake up, which helps me to get prepare for a new day even when it is dark outside. Probably the most important of all is to build a social network in a foreign country. Fika, board game, spending lovely time and laughing out loud with your friends. Or why not going out to play snowball in Slottsskogen or watch ice hockey match at Scandinavium?

Mysigt, Swedish word of cozy, entails creating a cozy moment. Winter could be the best time to enjoy mysigt life. Play soft music, make a warm tea, swing in the snowing days, then you will start to feel the magic moment. Soon Göteborg is going to celebrate Santa Lucia and Liseberg will turn to a winter wonderland. Isn’t it exciting to have so many things to expect in winter?

Author: Peiyu Wu

Page manager Published: Thu 06 Dec 2018.