Why is Chalmers a good place to be?

​Chalmers has achieved no.1 in the world in the category ‘A good place to be’ in the International Student Barometer 2019. Some students will tell you why.

According to the annual survey International Student Barometer held at 212 universities worldwide, Chalmers University of Technology achieved No.1 in the world in the category ‘a good place to be’ and No.1 in Europe (4th worldwide) in the category 'overall learning experience'. Let’s find out the students' opinion as they share their experience in their programmes and why they think Chalmers excels in the ranking. 

Aleksandra Pucolowska, Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability 
“In my programme, I feel that the basic value is respect among students and tutors. Thanks to the fact that there is no distance between us (everybody refers to each other as ‘you’’ ) we can have good and open communication. That is why it is easier for us to learn from our tutors. It also feels good to have diverse and international staff and teachers. I have experienced many guest lecturers from the industry, so my classes are never the same. Time spent at the university is above all focused on students’ learning outcomes. I also appreciate that there is no unhealthy competition, which in my opinion can be a common thing at many architecture faculties. Students and teachers here also help each other to create a pleasant working atmosphere.”

Karthik Lakshmikanthan, Product Development
"My programme provides comprehensive courses and I find the assignments particularly interesting. I always
get excellent support from professors and the right contacts to companies so that I can learn from them and complete my projects. The best part of my programme is the 9 months product development group project done in collaboration with companies from varied industrial sectors. It gives me immense satisfaction to solve actual industrial problems along with getting ample exposure to companies’ work culture and industrial processes."

Simon Johansson, Systems, Control and Mechatronics 
"The courses in my programme are very relevant to social development such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, production automation, and many more. It encourages me to delve deeper into these subjects and produce something for a social cause. The relation between teacher and student is very friendly and easy going. I have no hesitation to ask questions; may it big or small, all doubts are welcome with generous curiosity.”

In conclusion,  students feel that Chalmers is not just a university where they are faced with technical challenges, but also a place where they learn to grow from the teachers, the educational system and fellow students.  The students experience a unique way of learning through a friendly student-teacher relationship and collaborative processes with the industries. They are also happy that there are opportunities to work with real-life problems in group projects where they can learn from each other and make international network while at the same time learning useful skills to prepare for a global career.  ​

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Dec 2020.