When engineering meets healthcare in my summer job

​This summer I got the opportunity to work in the field that I love: Biomedical Engineering!

With my second semester at Chalmers being in full swing, I was extremely motivated to find my first summer job in Sweden (or better said, my first summer job ever!). And, after months of applications, job fairs and countless cover letters written, I have found mine! I started to work as a software engineer at a company called Gynius Plus AB at Sahlgrenska Science Park and here is a bit about my experience of working there!

Sahlgrenska Science Park​ is helping established or new businesses in the life science industry, therefore they conduct collaboration between business, academia and healthcare. Gynius Plus is one of the companies located at the science park, and it is a company striving to improve women's health around the world with the focus on cervical cancer. 

Being a Biomedical Engineering​ student, this was extremely exciting for me and for many reasons! First of all, this is still a new field so there are still not that many companies working in this area. Working in an environment that focuses on improving healthcare and bringing innovation in the medical field is exactly where I need to be to learn about current issues. Secondly, I got the position of a software engineer which meant that I was working with applications providing telemedicine services.

Furthermore, I was a part of an amazing team, making my summer even more enjoyable! Although I have to spend the whole summer working, my team makes it so much easier to handle. The whole company consists of around 10-15 people, while I was a part of the research team that consisted of 5 people. It was quite an international team, but our work environment was typical for a Swedish company. We had a good mixture of team-work and individual work. We had the freedom to follow our own initiative and ideas, freedom to find the best solution and to discuss and solve problems together. Fika time is one of my favourite Swedish traditions, as it is a nice time to get some energy, have a good discussion and learn what are your colleagues doing. Luckily, we had it daily!

Finally, I finished my summer with a great experience! I have worked a lot and learned so much! Plus, I met some great people and expanded my network. Additionally, this story did not end with the summer but continued with great new opportunities and a part-time job!

Author: Ivana

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Page manager Published: Mon 16 Mar 2020.