What happens after I apply to Chalmers?
​All that time spent waiting for your admissions results can be put into good use. Here are our best tips about what to do next. ​​​​​​​​​​​

What happens after I apply to Chalmers?

​Is your application status currently labelled as unqualified? Or are you confused about what to do next? Here are some things to keep in mind after you have applied to Chalmers. 
Are you nervously hitting refresh on your application status on University Admissions right now? You are not alone! Preparing to take the next step in your education or studying abroad can be a big life decision and many of our students have been in your place before. Here is a summary of what to do and expect after you have submitted your application to a master’s programme at Chalmers. 

1. What does my application status mean? Why am I unqualified?  
Don’t worry! During the reviewing process, University Admissions goes through thousands of applications from students from all over the world. ​This means that the status of your application can change between unqualified/qualified/in progress after you have submitted your application up until the very end – when the notification of selection results is published on the 7th of April 2022. It is just how the system is wired. Remember that only the status shown on the 7th of April is valid. 

2. When will I find out if I got a scholarship?  
The scholarship results will be announced on a weekly basis between Mid-March and early May 2022. We will contact you directly by e-mail if you have been selected for a scholarship. This is only if you have applied for a scholarship that is administrated by Chalmers. SI-scholarships and other external scholarships will inform the results according to their own process. Fingers crossed. 🤞 

3. What’s going on with the pandemic in Sweden? 
The vaccination rate in Sweden is steadily increasing. However, there are new variants spreading all over the world. The situation in Sweden is therefore constantly changing as well. Keep yourself updated on the latest information about Covid-19 on this page. 
4. Find out more about student life at Chalmers!   
Did you know that you can travel digitally by taking a virtual campus tour? Or check out what our campus at Lindholmen looks like?  Another way to find out more about the student life at Chalmers is to get in touch with one of our current master’s students and strike up a conversation about what it’s like to live in Gothenburg, the best things about your future master’s programme or where to find the most delicious food on campus. Chat with our students here!  You can also prepare yourself for coming to Chalmers by reading some student blogs where our master’s students share their experiences.  

5. Become an expert on the city 
Are you curious about what the city of Gothenburg has to offer? Watch a video that takes you on a tour around the city! Are you wondering what your student housing will look like or how to get from our campus Johanneberg to Lindholmen? We got you covered!  

6. Learn some Swedish 
Although most Swedes can switch over to English in no time it can be rewarding and quite fun to learn a couple of simple phrases to make your stay in Gothenburg even more enjoyable. Start with a simple Hej! (Hello!) or Tack (Thank you). While you patiently wait for the admission results, why not pass the time by downloading Duolingo or taking a free Swedish course?  

We wish you all the best for your application and hope to see you at Chalmers in the future! 🙂

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Feb 2022.