Welcome weeks

​Two weeks ago the 'Welcome Week' started and it's more of a 'Welcome Month' actually. At Chalmers a lot of effort is put to make us, new students, feel welcome and to help making the whole process of starting a new life in Göteborg a lot more fun and pleasant. 

I arrived before the Arrival Day organized by CIRC - Chalmers International Reception Comittee - so my student life at Chalmers re-started with the Welcome Day.

I remember that when I came to Chalmers as an exchange student I was really impressed by being welcomed by Chalmers' CEO herself (back then) and other members that I actually never got to know in my home university and I guess this is one of the plenty examples of Sweden's flat society. This time it didn't feel any different in that way. It's really nice to feel that once we become students at Chalmers, Chalmerists, we are an active and vital part of the University and that our presence as individuals is very important.

The activities that follow the Welcome Day are mainly organized by CIRC and they vary enormously. From a hangout in the park with barbecue and games to a tram race across the city, there is always a cool acitivity waiting for us and that fits all tastes. On their website it's possible to get a better idea of everything that is offered.

This week, for example, the sauna trips took place. We went to Chalmersbastun, a wood-fired sauna owned by Chalmers' Student Union in which 60 people can do sauna at the same time, that is to say, a huge sauna! 

In 2013 I didn't get the chance to go there and I'm so glad I could make it this time, it's totally amazing. It's in a place called Härryda, by the lake. So after being in the sauna for a while you just run outside and jump in the cold water before getting started with the sauna again. 

Chalmers Bastukomitté, the comittee responsible for keeping it suitable for renting and in good shape for all students, was there and taught us how to chop some wood to fire the sauna and after that we had a traditional swedish meal: crispbread, pea soup and pancakes or knäckebröd, ärtsoppa and pannkakor. I'm really a swedish food enthusiast so I was really happy with that dinner menu.

Here I leave you with some photos of the sauna trip, hope you enjoy!

Text: Carolina Braga
Images: Private

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Sep 2015.