Try Until You Succeed!

​“When you open your horizon, new challenges and dreams will be waiting for you. You might not be able to reach them right away, but when you do… it’s totally worth it!” ​​
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This is a phrase from the blog I wrote last month. This time, I’m going to tell you the story of Dante Landa Vega. He’s a proud Chalmerist from Mexico studying the first year of Complex Adaptive Systems master programme.

He studied Mechatronics in Puebla Mexico and he was fascinated with the topic of control systems. Most of the references of the books and the research in his Bachelor thesis were from Sweden and after a recommendation from his thesis advisor, he started to look for a Master degree in Sweden and decided to apply.

He wrote mails to some Swedish universities to ask about the application process, but Chalmers was the only one that replied his questions right away and made him feel welcome. Also, he found out that Gothenburg has a lot of industries working on his area of interest.

If his plans were to study abroad next year, it would be hard to find a job in Mexico for less than a year, so he decided to work on his own as a tutor. This also gave him the opportunity to improve his mathematics and programming skills before coming back to studies.

The first obstacle he faced was the English requirement. After the third try and thanks to his English teacher, he obtained the require TOEFL IBT score. The next problem was the paperwork. Even though he already finished his Bachelor degree with enough credits, he got his degree after one year due to administrative problems. There was no official documentation of the topics covered during his bachelor courses, so he couldn’t show that during his first and second application.

The third try was the last one. He needed to get back to work and the English exam validation was about to expire. This time he was put on the waiting list for Chalmers! Hope was still there :D. After two long months of waiting, he finally received the letter of acceptance from Chalmers! He couldn’t believe what just happened! So he called to his buddy Abhi (yes you know him, the friendly guy from the seminars) to confirm what he just received.
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After all this roller coaster, he had to faced one last problem: to leave his family, friends and food (yes, food is the hardest part). As an only child, to separate from your family, especially for your mom (Mexicans understand this part) can be very difficult, but at the end everyone understands that this opportunity is one in a life time. Today he’s enjoying his first year on th​e programme and he also spends his free time playing football in the Chalmers team.

“Even though all the struggle I was put through, I feel everything was completely worth it. This reminder comes every day when I reach my tram stop and hear: Nästa: Chalmers!” – Dante.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story!

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Author: Karen Baca

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.