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Transportation in Gothenburg

A newbie's guide to Gothenburg public transport

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How is the public transport in Gothenburg?". In this blog, I'll try to answer this question and give some general advice about using the transportation system.

One of the best things about Sweden and in fact everywhere in Europe, is an extensive public transport system. In Gothenburg, the public transport is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The company that operates the public transport is västtrafik, it operates all the bus, trams and ferries which are the part of public transport. The tickets for traveling in these can be loaded on the västtrafik travel card or use the västtrafik app on your smartphones as well.

Ticket Types:
If you are in Gothenburg for a short span of time or travel less, you can buy single journey tickets or 1, 3, 7 day tickets. For people staying longer the most economic option is to buy monthly ticket which cost SEK 400 per month for students and SEK 610 for adults. The single journey tickets cost SEK 29 and are valid for 90 minutes from the time of validation/purchase, you are allowed to change from one bus/tram ferry to other without having to pay for it again.

Buying Tickets.
Vastraffik cards can be purchased at the store called Pressbyrån, these stores are present at all the tram and bus stops. For buying tickets online and planning your trips (which is highly recommended) you can use the västtrafik app (available in Google Play store and Apple Store), note that you need to change the country to Sweden in order to download this app on iPhone.  You can also buy tickets inside the trams but not inside the buses, the payment can be made with cards.

Special Ticket for Chalmers Students
Chalmers has a special agreement with västtrafik which enables the students to travel cheaply. As a Chalmers student you have a special option of buying the Chalmers pass, this ticket is valid on Route 16 and Route 55, these two routes pass through all the major parts of the city and most of the SGS accommodations are close to stops on these routes. This costs SEK 320 for six months, which is almost 10 times cheaper than the normal ticket. This is the most used pass among Chalmers students. You can buy this ticket only in Cremona inside the student union building at Chalmers. However, if you are living outside the city limits you will need to buy a separate pass which cost 800SEK per month for students and 1065 SEK

Using the public transport system.
Before travelling it is highly recommended to check the trams and buses to your destination on the västtrafik app or Google maps. When travelling with trams/buses you just need to validate your card at the scanning machines located inside the trams and buses. For people using monthly/bus 16 passes you just need to activate it once i.e when you travel with it for the first time. If you are caught without a valid ticket you will be fined 1200SEK. You can find more detailed information about the different lines and ferries on

Getting to airports
    •    Taxi: Although highly not recommended but if your flight is at very odd hours you will have to order a cab. One trip may cost to anywhere around 250 SEK to 500 SEK depending on where you stay.
    •    Flugbussarna: These are the most convenient airport buses. They take around 20 min to reach the city centre. One trip ticket costs 95 SEK and round trip costs 185SEK. You can purchase the tickets from the driver or online.
    •    Swebus: These the cheapest way to reach the airport. However, they don’t run throughout the day and can only be booked for a specific bus timing. The tickets prices vary depending on time of purchase. The general prices are around 50 to 80 Kr

Using bicycles for getting around
Cycles: Cycles are the best to commute. You can purchase your own cycle at the Re-Cycle event in Chalmers which happens 4 times and year at outrageously low prices.
You can also use the Gothenburg city bike service. The bikes are found at various locations from March through December and you need a bike pass to use them. You can read more about the services on Styr och Ställ.

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