The sports I’ve tried at Chalmers

​Running around beautiful lakes, climbing with new friends and falling asleep in yoga class. These are just some of the sport activities I have done at Chalmers.
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More than 600 kilometers of biking, more than 250 kilometers of running in the forests, more than 1900 meters of climbing, and more than 100 hours of yoga. These are the distances and hours of my training since I’ve started my studies at Chalmers. 

I have been doing sports and participating in competitions since primary school, and this has become an indispensable part of my life. The accessibility of sports opportunities has always been important for me when choosing the university and city to live in. In this context, I did a lot of research on Chalmers' sports centers, sports teams, and events, before coming to Gothenburg. Chalmers has gym halls and sauna possibilities and in total more than 30 sports teams and associations. In addition, as a Chalmers student, you can become a member of many sports centers throughout Gothenburg at very affordable prices. Back in Turkey, my main branch of sports was orienteering and long-distance running. I always wanted to try other sports, but it was not possible due to the lack of sports centers or the distance of sports centers from school and work. In this blog, I will tell you about the sports I’ve tried in Chalmers and my experiences related to them!

With the help of the compass, you need to navigate using a map and find the checkpoints in the terrain. Sweden is one of the best countries in the world in this sport. The Chalmers Orienteering Team, Chalmers OL, also has very good and experienced orienteers (orienteering athletes). I contacted the club on Facebook before I came to Gothenburg and they responded very quickly. The contact person from the club explained the training programs and membership information. Since I’ve been trying new sports and sometimes the classes can be intense, I can't attend their training every week, but orienteering may be the most Swedish sport I would definitely recommend.  You can find the club's information on the club web page.

Sena standing in the nature, pointing towards a specific directionClimbing
Climbing has been at the top of my to-do list for a very long time. This sport is very common in Sweden and I must admit that at first, I was a little taken aback by this. Since Norway has all the mountains in Scandinavia, I was asking myself where people climbed in Sweden?. The answer is rocks and climbing centers! Bouldering is climbing to the small rocks without the use of ropes or harness. I started climbing at Fysiken Klätterlabbet with a friend from Chalmers. This climbing center is just a hundred meters from the Johannaberg campus and is a former high voltage laboratory building of Chalmers. Our amateur climbing group, which we started with two people eight months ago, has now turned into a team of 25 people. We regularly climb indoors or outdoors every week. Sometimes we have a fika after training. I can say that this is the most fun sport for me. You can visit the website for more information about Fysiken Klätterlabbet! 

Yoga has been next on my to-do list after climbing. 😊 After getting a student membership from Fysiken, I was able to attend regular yoga classes there. Fysiken is one of the biggest sports centers in Gothenburg and is partly owned by Gothenburg's five student unions but is open for everyone. It has different sports activities with expert trainers like Crossfit, group classes such as yoga, pilates, body pump, and other activities. Due to the pandemic, yoga classes were held with a limited number of participants during 2021. We cleaned our yoga mats with disinfectant before and after each class and always maintained social distancing. Yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, and restorative yoga are the classes I mostly attend. In every yoga class, we do meditation and breathing exercises with our trainers. My favorite might be restorative yoga because in this yoga class we get to sleep in three or four different positions! 😊

One of the things I am most happy to see since I came to Sweden is that a lot of people are running or cycling here. For swedes, cold or stormy weather and evenings is not an obstacle to do outdoor activities. As the old saying goes “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”! 😊 There are many trails or natural reserves close to Chalmers where you can run between or after lectures. My favorite of these is Näckrosparken that is just 800 meters from the Johannaberg campus. There is a wonderful little lake there that offers different beauty in every season. You can run among the colorful flowers in the spring and the water lilies that cover the lake surface in the summer. You also can see crystallized trees around the lake during the winter.

If there is one thing as common as running in Gothenburg it is cycling! Even in the winter, people are cycling. I train with my bike, which I bought second hand, whenever I can. As I mentioned in the ‘My 5 Summer Highlights’ blog, I traveled in and out of Gothenburg by bicycle. I am lucky that my close friends also love cycling and thus, we can spend more time together on our bikes. My favorite bike tour was a total of 90 kilometers for the archipeologists: Fotö-Hönö-Öckerö-Hälsö. These four islands are the northernmost islands of Gothenburg and are connected to each other by bridges. If you want to find a second-hand bike, you can check out Blocket or Facebook Marketplace.

At Chalmers, besides the possibilities to participate in different activities, you will also be encouraged to continue your sports career if you are an elite athlete. Chalmers offers elite athletes extra support with individually tailored studies which, for example, can be to study part-time, to write the exams elsewhere, and get medical or dietary support. 

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