The scholarship that changed my life

​Studying abroad is not something everyone can afford. This is a story of how I got the Sievert Larsson-scholarship from Chalmers. 

All of the Sivert Larsson scholarship students celebrating Lucia.

With higher education, you can get a better job and a chance at a better life, but it all comes with a cost. A cost that some of us can’t really afford. Studying abroad can be expensive, but
there are scholarships that can help us pursue our dreams of studying abroad.

The scholarship that I got that finally made my long dream of studying in Sweden come true. The Sievert Larsson Scholarship ​provides a chance for Thai students to pursue a master’s degree at Chalmers University of Technology and supports students who come from financially vulnerable homes and would not otherwise be able to study in Sweden. 

To apply for the scholarship, all you need to do is read if you are eligible for the scholarship, obviously the first and foremost step. Then, you need to prepare a motivation letter, apply to Chalmers, and rank other scholarships on your scholarship ranks, so that if you miss the Sievert Larsson scholarship, you still have a chance to get other types of scholarships. It’s just that nice and simple 😉.

Around April 2018, I got an email stating that I got a full scholarship, I was ecstatic thinking of all the possibilities waiting for me.

When I first arrived in Sweden in September, I was invited to a fancy dinner and tea meeting with the scholarship donor. Meeting Mr Sievert (pictured on the right) was such an honour, I couldn’t thank him for the opportunity enough. I also met other scholarship students and admired their determination and passion. We were from different departments and it was really an eye-opener to hear about what they study and how they got to this point. We are all from different backgrounds, but we had one thing in common, which is the determination to study at Chalmers.

With the financial issue gone, I was able to study hard and get to experience more of what life has to offer in Gothenburg, Sweden. And life has a lot to offer once you are in a different environment. 

I learned both big and small things, from how to put on a blanket sheet (because in Thailand, a blanket is a blanket, there’s no sheet to it) to reflect on my own actions that could be harmful to the environment. I would not have seen how big the world really is, I learn to be a better person for the environment and feel confident about myself. I never thought that one day I would get to hike in a forest, forage for mushrooms and berries with new friends, calling professors by their name like we were friends, and knowing Swedes could be warm and friendly once you warm them up (like hot chocolate ☕ )


Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.