The Luxury of Tap Water

​​Drinking water can be a luxury for many people in the world, having it straight from the tap was a new experience for me.  

Being a student coming from a country where perhaps many things are different, it can become a challenge to adapt. However, this is not the case when the difference is something awesome! I am talking about water.  Something so essential and basic to daily life that can go unnoticed by many, but when you know that it can be very expensive to obtain it, then you notice it right away.

I was always used to having to buy a 20-litre carboy every week to have drinking water at home in Mexico. Usually, there is a delivery boy who takes it to your house, but in many cases, you need to go to the nearest store and carry 20 litres about 500 meters yourself and pay around 2 euros for it. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but imagine having to buy water every time you are thirsty, instead of just going to the sink and fill out your glass. 

I still remember when I arrived in Sweden and had water from the sink for the first time. All my life I was told not to, since I could get sick for days or even weeks by doing this in Mexico. One day when I filled out my bottle in the classroom at Chalmers the water was completely white like milk. I threw it right away because it felt suspicious to me. Could I really drink this? Then a swede classmate explained to me that it was fine, there was nothing wrong with the water. It was due to the pressure in the pipeline that the water looked like that and it only takes a few seconds for it to become completely transparent. But when you are used to being sceptical, you forget your fluid dynamics courses. My classmate also explained that in Sweden they have much stricter rules for their drinking water than the companies that actually sell water. 

The water here in Sweden tastes as fresh as the one I used to drink from the bottles in my home country. I have now gotten used to it and even lost my fear of drinking water straight from the tap, I never got sick, and I do not have to worry about buying water on the way home. I just have to remember to take my reusable bottle and fill it up anywhere I go.  

Page manager Published: Thu 22 Aug 2019.