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The IDEA-ASPIRE League Summer School for Chalmerists

My amazing summer school in one of the smartest cities!

As Chalmerists, you have several options to spend your summer, such as internships, summer-jobs, or vacation in Sweden or abroad. However, do you know that Chalmers also offers opportunities for summer schools?
IDEA League and ASPIRE League
Have you ever heard about IDEA League? This is a focused network of leading European universities of science and technology, consisting Chalmers, TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, and Politecnico di Milano. They collaborate with each other in some research and knowledge sharing programs, including the summer schools.
It was even more interesting because IDEA League has a collaboration with the ASPIRE League​. While IDEA League is in Europe, ASPIRE League encompasses the World-Leading Technical Universities in Asia, which are HKUST (Hong Kong), KAIST (Korea), NTU (Singapore), Tokyo Tech (Japan), and Tsinghua (China).
I wanted to experience the learning differences at one of the partner universities thus I applied for this summer school which I found on the Chalmers student portal. I chose the collaboration between IDEA- and ASPIRE League which was organized at NTU this year as the topic was about smart cities and I found it was quite related to my background in Architecture. Moreover, Singapore is close to my hometown in Indonesia and I thought it would be a good time to go home for the summer.

The Summer School’s Activities 
The summer school was only for one week. However, it was an intensive summer school since there were many activities in the schedule.
We had some ice-breaking games on the first day and my team won a beautiful prize – a portable speaker! The challenge began on the next days, we had some lectures every morning and study visits in the afternoon. While in the evening, we stayed until night for group discussion to solve our case in certain topics of smart cities, which we had to present on the last day of the summer school.

The lectures from the experts gave me new insight to the interactions between human and artificial intelligence in building smart cities, we also had study visits to interesting places, such as the robotic research centre and the Google Headquarters (which was a dream office!). On the last day, we presented our case in front of the ASPIRE leaders and afterwards we had some fun from the city tour, visiting some landmarks of the country and having a ton of delicious food! 

Despite the tight schedule, I would say that this experience was worth it. I made new friends from different countries with different cultures. As I am studying international project management, this kind of experience helped me train my flexibility in adapting to the new environment and working under pressure with people I just met. Moreover, in this case, it gives me an insight to how the research and technology of smart cities are developed in other countries.​

Text by Nurina Heratri

Page manager Published: Sat 04 Aug 2018.