The Fitness Aficionados Handbook

​So, you’ve been hitting the gym regularly at your home country and want to continue to do the same at Chalmers’ as well. This extremely short student perspective on fitness might help you out.

In case you were looking for some general information on health and the Swedish healthcare system, you might want to check out the blog – a view of health.

Let’s jump right into it then; to keep physically fit, there is a sports center called Fysiken located near  both Chalmers Campuses. Fysiken is one of the largest gyms around and the one situated behind the Chalmers’ Johanneberg campus -  Fysiken Gibraltargatan even has an indoor climbing wall. As a student, you also get access to the student price of 290 SEK per month for access to all their gyms and all their facilities. There are other gyms too, such as Nordic wellness, Fitness24seven (The cheaper option at just 169 SEK per month) among others. The place where I stay also has a gym (albeit a very tiny one with only the basic equipment) but the prices are super cheap – only 20kr a month! Other student accommodations have free access to gyms or a similarly cheap entrance fee.

Additionally, the Chalmers student union also houses a swimming pool, pool tables, a sports hall that can be booked for free and even an indoor sauna. For those looking for a more relaxing sort of gathering, there is the “Kyrkan” which is a relaxing study hall used by students located in the student union building as well. For those of you wondering how exactly everything is located in one building, Chalmers boasts the largest student union building in Sweden.

There are also several reasonably priced canteens and restaurants in and around the Chalmers campus. A list of the official eateries run by the Chalmers Konferens och Restauranger group can be found on their page. My student ambassador colleague, Nam wrote an article on food, if you’re interested in that – here’s the link​!
My favourite to grab a quick coffee is Bulten – located in the M building. After all, food is paramount to keeping fit. Once you’ve grabbed a bite, you can head on over to many of the open spaces during the wonderful summer or the indoor quadrangles during those cold winter months.
So, you see, there is no reason to be worried about health or fitness while at Chalmers. 😊

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.