Page manager Published: Sat 25 Feb 2017.

Team Chalmers Trip to Indonesia Part 2

Hello there! Last time I posted about the story about me, Abhi, and Olle trip to Indonesia for an education fair held by LPDP. This time, I would like to tell you about how was the trip going for the last 2 cities: Surabaya and Yogyakarta!

Last time, we were in Jakarta, the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. It has roughly 10 million population, which is the same as entire Sweden! The fair was, to be honest, the most tiring for me. Anyways, we went to Surabaya, which is also known as “City of Heroes” because of its long history for a fight for freedom during colonial era.
We wasted no time, once we arrived, we visited one of the university there, called Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS). We went there since Olle had arranged a meeting with staffs from the Faculty of Marine Technology. We had discussions about possibilities of exchanges, not only students but also staffs. There I learned a lot about managing a faculty or department in a university, how does a collaboration work, and I observed quite peculiar behavior among two different cultures meeting together. Even though I spent more than 20 years of my life in Indonesia, I didn’t realize this until just now! For example, instead of discussing matters over a cup of coffee (and probably sweets), they served at least 3 different kinds fruits and a numerous amount of snacks. I also felt a good amount of hospitality. I didn’t get to experience it when I was a bachelor student. Turns out that I was not this attentive back then.

The next day we started the activities at the fair. This time, the person who was assigned to look after us was named Cindy. For some reason, apparently Abhi liked her very much. I met many ITS students, and most of them already heard about Chalmers. Therefore, I didn’t do much except to provide them with how’s the life as Indonesian student and to convince them to choose Chalmers. In this second day of LPDP edufair, Olle was summoned to give a comment about this fair and to tell more about Chalmers in a video...probably to give information to those who didn’t manage to come to the fair. So far we did a good job in Surabaya.
Finally, the next day we went to the last city of LPDP edufair: Indonesia’s city of student Yogyakarta! We arrived on the evening, some friend who is currently doing Ph.D at Chalmers picked us up and took us for dinner at restaurant featuring many sambal menu, and Olle loved it very much! Even I don’t like sambal that much, Abhi told me that I lost my identity as Indonesian since I was beaten by Olle in terms of eating sambal.

The next morning, we went to the fair location. The queue was sooooo long, showing how interested Indonesian student for higher education, and it kinda made me proud . During the fair, I managed to attract many people, and explain about how the education at Chalmers work, the registration process, and why you should choose Chalmers as the next destination for your education. The amount of students that were interested in Chalmers was the highest in Yogyakarta! And from some conversation I had with the students, I found out that Chalmers and UGM (one of the university in Yogyakarta) have some agreement for doing exchange program, and it kinda explain why there are always new exchange student in Chalmers from Yogyakarta every year. By the way, the one who look after us this time was is called Agni.

Finally, I would like to conclude my trip story by, once again, trying to convince you why you should go to Chalmers. 

First, Sweden can be called an ideal place to study with an international environment when you can experience international diversity. As a student from Indonesia, I dare to tell you that this is an important factor since I know we are not that exposed to international environment. If you want Indonesia, and yourself to grow, I strongly suggest you to connect with people all around the world.

Second, Gothenburg is the second city of Sweden. It is not too quiet, but not too crowded. Just enough for you to study. Furthermore, there are dozens of engineering-related company based in Gothenburg and its vicinity.

Third, because of the fact that there are many engineering-related company in Gothenburg, Chalmers (which is located in Gothenburg) has a super-strong industrial, real life research dedicated to a practical use. I can understand that many times during our study we are confused on how would this knowledge be used in real life. Well, in Chalmers, you can get a great picture of how the knowledge can be applied.
Thank you for reading.

Page manager Published: Sat 25 Feb 2017.