Page manager Published: Wed 22 Feb 2017.

Team Chalmers Trip to Indonesia Part 1

So, about 2 weeks ago, the LPDP, a department that provides scholarship for many Indonesian student studying abroad, held some kind of education fair, called LPDP Edufair 2017. There, more than 60 universities from around the world promoted themselves in order to attract prospective students, and our beloved university was one of them, and Chalmers decided to have a student representative to pass a point of view. Coincidentally, I am Indonesian and I am a student at Chalmers...hence, they picked me. I got to travel back to Indonesia for free!

​The team from Chalmers consisted of me, Abhilash (the famous guy from international recruitment) and Olle, a professor from Maritime Management Program. Basically we had three different background: student, staff, and professor. The schedule was quite tight. Me and Abhi left Gothenburg on 25th of January, and arrive at 26th. While Olle left and arrive on the next day. We were supposed to go to 3 different big cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.

On the 28th, we held a meet and greet with prospective students who had applied to Chalmers. Basically the event was about to make sure that they will say yes if they pass the university admissions selection and offered a place in Chalmers. The upcoming schedules would be the LPDP fair on 31th in Jakarta. We had free time for about 2 days. I managed to take Abhi to taste some Indonesian foods, including sambal (the common name for a hot and spicy sauce made from chili and some other ingredients) in Jakarta.

Moving on to the LPDP fair event, it was an event created to give insights to the scholarship hunters about studying abroad. The participant had opportunities to talk with people from various universities around the world about the universities, their programs, student lifes, etc. We had to be in the stand for about 8 hours for each city. The 1st day of fair in Jakarta, we had a lots of prospective students asking about the education in Chalmers, are there many Indonesians in Gothenburg, and how will they proceed to their future after completing education there. There was actually a guy who even talked to me about how he was confused with so many options for his future!

The fair in Jakarta was really exhausting but really fun. I remember I fell asleep shortly before the fair was finished. We were accompanied by Opik, the guy from LPDP which the duty was to guide and provide us with things we need (such as food, water) during the fair. Abhi really thought that Opik was a really funny guy. It was actually really good to think that we made quite a lots of friends during this trip. I will tell you later about the fair in Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Wait for the part 2 of this post!

Page manager Published: Wed 22 Feb 2017.