Swedish Summers

​​Hej! So here I am bidding adieu to the wonderful Swedish summers.
Being an Indian, summers aren't something I should yearn for but surprisingly this time it has been pretty different. Few days back I stood next to my window and I silently thanked the mild sun glaring out of the blue sky for my Summer of 69 (pun intended). 
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Those who think Gothenburg is all about cold and harsh winters, dear get the facts right. Gothenburg enjoys a temperate climate. Summer days are long with abundant daylight and bright sunshine. Here the day time temperature varies from 15 to 25 degree Celsius and the summer sky gets dim to twilight and then lights up again. One can find people everywhere, in the city center, in the parks taking sun bath and in the outdoor cafes catching up with their pals as the mighty Sun barely dips below the horizon. What a sight it is!

Entire city seems drenched in splash of colors and basking the warmth of Sun. For Swedes summers are like a religion and not to miss the midsummer, which is nothing less than a party. People indulge in festivities and outdoor celebrations. Midsummer Day is celebrated on a weekend closest to June 24. People gather in parks and raise a "Midsummer pole" which is decorated with flowers, leaves and flags. One can feel the merriment in the air.

I must say there is something alluring about long days and the bright evenings. Though I was home for the initial part of the summers but luckily I was well on time to experience almost a month of summer bliss! My friend and I went out for some summer sale shopping (yes, you can find a lot of branded stuff on sale, which is worth the buy). We roamed around the city, went walking through the meadows, volunteered for a food festival and tasted some good cuisines. Not to miss the amazing dip in the waters of Stensjön under the azure sky. To sum it up, it was summers experienced like never before.
Swedish summers. Goodbye till we meet next!

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.