Summer is a state of mind

The concept of the European summer was new to me. Three months of waking up without an alarm, around 20 hours of sunlight and a vacation in every sense of the word. This was a new to me, as back home we did not have a vacation so elaborate such as this. Here’s the story of my first Swedish summer.
In the beginning of June, when I wrapped up my exams and welcomed summer with an end of semester party with my fellow classmates, I was both excited and a little worried. I was excited for the vacation and all the free time in the world and worried about what I would do in this free time, as I did not have any set plans.

My goal for the summer was to travel, gain some experience in conducting a research, find a new house and move, and make some money for my post summer life. To give my summer a purpose, I decided to assist one of my professors with some research for her book and hoped this would keep me occupied. Working on the project helped me improve my research skills and my writing skills as well. Condensing pages of material into one comprehensible paragraph was a sleight I longed for. House hunting was stressful and ​scary. There were times when I wondered if I would have to resort to looking for warm bridges to live under. But luckily, I will be moving soon and glad that it all worked out.

My wish to travel was fulfilled, thanks to the EcoSmarter project that I was a part of. (See here for more on that). The 30-hour road trip from Sweden to France and my eventful stay at LeMans made me very happy. 

Summer in Sweden is incomplete without some barbeque and a dip in one of the many lakes and sea. The beautiful archipelagos around the city made it possible to hold a barbeque party on a different island every time.

The highlight of my summer, however were all the music festivals I could attend around the country, while working at them. I cannot thank the CIRC team enough for this genius find. As one of the lucky extended members of the CIRC team, I got to travel to parts of Sweden which I wouldn’t have otherwise, pitch tents and get free access to the music festivals. We met wonderful people and worked in 15 hour shifts until we couldn’t feel our legs. Though painful, it was a wonderful experience. At times, it felt like we were living a game when there was an infinite queue for our food for 5 hours straight. Celebrating our success with free coffee and churros always made it all worth it. An opportunity to see the very cool artists perform live was an icing on the cake and the extra bucks I made, a cherry on top of that delicious cake.

Overall, it has a been a wonderful summer for me. I must say I cannot wait for school to start and the madness to begin. The long and colourful summer days will be missed. European summer is worth all the hype it gets. I do believe that summer is a state of mind and that the memories from these months will definitely help me get through the long nights ahead. 

Author: Keerthana Jayaprakash​

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.