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Summer in Sweden

Hej allihopa! What did you do this summer? Where have you been? I was in Sweden during the summer and I have to admit that I had so much fun!

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Unfortunately, most of the students were not in Sweden because of summer vacation. You might say there is nothing here during the summer, no beach, no smell of sun cream, no summer soul. If you think like that, I have to warn you it is completely wrong. Stop everything and come back to Gothenburg because you will miss the last days of the summer here and you will regret when the studying marathon starts.
I had to leave from Gothenburg for a short break. During this break, I was in hotter country than Sweden. The temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius. Although I was born and raised in there, unfortunately I could never get used to this high temperature. Maybe that’s why I really like Swedish summer. The maximum temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius and it is already enough to enjoy the summer without the need to air conditioning. I cannot say all summer was sunny and hot. Sometimes the whole week was rainy and cloudy, but come on, you need the rain to see the rainbow. Be optimistic. ^^

As I mentioned before, I had to stay in Gothenburg during the summer because of my master thesis, so I wanted to prepare a short “to do list” about summer activities in Gothenburg before summer ends completely.

Afterwork: This activity might be the second famous thing in Sweden after fika. It is not only during the summer, but you can imagine how relaxing and peaceful afterwork is on the last day of weekday during the summer. Shiny sun, breeze and good drink and food with friends. There is no special place for afterwork, you can try all and choose your favorite place.

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Liseberg: Liseberg is one of the best amusement parks in Europe. There is always something for everyone from all ages. There are many rides and attractions, restaurants and other funny activities. You can check this website for further information.

Archipelago: Actually I have to admit that I cannot count how many islands they have in Sweden. I have been in Vrangö, Hönö and Donsö. Quick info: Island means “ö” in Swedish. I have to go to other islands before autumn. You can barbecue or have a small picnic. You can take your bicycle or rent there. Please check if it is available or not before going. Islands have always magnificent scenery and swim spots. 

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Fika: There is not special place for fika like afterwork. You can do it everywhere as long as you have coffee and cake or kanelbullar. If you ask my opinion about where, my first choice is Haga. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg. You can walk among narrow streets with smell of coffee and sweet dough. You can buy something from small and local shops also.

Askimsbadet: It is sandy and clean beach with green areas. This beach has Blue Flag. There are also some other activities such as beach volley, barbecue places and café. Even if I really like this beach, mostly I feel lazy to go there and of course there is another option: Delsjön!

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Parks: Gothenburg is full with parks and nature in the city center. Trädgårdsföreningen is located in the center of the city. And yes, you can find lots of pokestops and pokemons there ^^. Here you can also find different and exotic plant houses and enjoy with the small river view, ride a bike, have a small picnic and enjoy the good weather. My favorite park is Slottskogen. It is the main park of the city. There is a quite big lake. It is perfect place to have a small fika. You can see elks, Gotland ponies, Gute sheep and other Nordic animals in the park zoo. It is not possible to name all the parks and green areas in Gothenburg, so please check this website to learn and discover more.
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Audio Description: Student Blog - Summer in Sweden - Picture of Deslsjön
Delsjön: I saved the best for last. Before coming Sweden, I was used to swim in the sea, but this lake completely changed my mind. This nature area is popular for hiking and swimming. It is really close to the city center. You can use tram to go and enjoy the nature and sun. The lake is perfect for swimming. If you prefer alive and social ambiance, there is a big beach with grass and trees which is always crowded, especially during the weekends. If you like calm and quiet places, then Delsjön offers a rocks and small beaches just next to the lake. If you are fan of jogging and hiking, Delsjön also offers the best places for that as well. And of course you can always barbecue there. Disposable barbecues are very common in Sweden. They are cheap, easy to find and use as long as you are aware of environment and cleaning part.

Here is the list of what I have done during this summer. So much fun! See you next summer! ^^

Written by: Seren Necla Sevim
Images by: Seren Necla Sevim​

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