Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.

Summer Well spent

It all started on a cold winter morning my swede friends and I, were discussing about the Swedish weather (which the swedes love to talk about). They insisted that I spend my summer here in Sweden rather than going back to my home country, India.  As soon as I was done with my final exams I started looking for a summer job. I contacted one of my professors at Chalmers to enquire if he had any project on which I could work during the summer (After all as the saying goes “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” ).  With some luck and some consistent mailing I managed to get a summer job for one month as a research assistant at the Chalmers Photonics lab. Little did I know at that time that I would have an opportunity to convert this project into my master thesis.

Then comes my travel part of this summer – time to tick off the travel destinations from my bucket list. I luckily found cheap tickets to Vienna, Prague and Budapest which I booked without giving a second thought. After finishing my project, I took off on a solo voyage to eastern Europe. It was like a dream come true for me as visiting different countries, trying to understand their lifestyle, tasting their local cuisines has always interested me.

Post my trip I had one month left before going back to college. I used this time to learn some Swedish which was long pending. The sunny days were spent reading novels sitting on a hammock under a lush green tree (which to me is a perfect setting and something, I always wanted to do), improving my fitness and spending time with my friends. I am glad that I decided to stay back and enjoy Sweden at its best!!!!

Written by Akshay Nataraj

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.