Studying at Chalmers with a Swedish Institute Scholarship

Utsav Adhikari’s journey from mountainous Nepal to the Viking land was made possible through the Swedish Institute scholarship.

The Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals is opened for application today. Here I would like to share my brief conversation with a Swedish Institute Scholar, Utsav Adhikari, from Nepal about his experience with Chalmers and the Swedish Institute Scholarship.

I started by asking him why he chose Chalmers. Utsav seemed to be lost in his thoughts, staring outside the window. "I was associated with an NGO back in Nepal. There I met a Swedish citizen who was a donor for that NGO. She told me about Chalmers after she noticed my enthusiasm for higher studies. I was fascinated when I started searching for the university online and a world of opportunity unveiled in front of me. It was certainly impressive the impact the university was making on the society and I had no doubt that this is the one I have been looking for."

He stopped for a while, "Well, you see after my graduation, I was working on different projects as an environmental engineer. I always felt that I was lacking something, and higher study would fill that gap. The Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Programme seemed to be the right choice for my career path. The strong research collaboration with industries and authorities like Gryaab AB, Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology (FRIST) or DRICKS certainly fascinated me. Surely other universities in Sweden do offer interesting courses in a similar programme, but Chalmers’ close partnership with proven leaders in the field was the closing deal for me."
Can you tell me about your experience with the Swedish Institute Scholarships?
"In 2017, I was working in a voluntary project with few people from Europe in a rural municipality to improve knowledge regarding water sanitation and hygiene among the locals. One of the team leaders from the UK told me about this scholarship when he knew I was interested to study in Sweden. The application process was quite easy and straightforward; all documents had to be uploaded online. I had to write a motivation letter , CV , proof of work and reference letters from previous employers. I included one reference letter from my professor from Kathmandu University. I still remember when I approached him that I was applying for Chalmers, he just nodded and said that I certainly have good taste," Utsav says with a satisfied smile.

Do you have any advice for future applicants?
"The motivation letter that you write plays a vital role to make you stand out from others. So be clear, concise and specific. If you want to make an impact on your education, show it in your letter. The whole profile of the applicant is important." He continued, "And patience. You will need a lot of it. There is no Swedish Embassy or consulate in Nepal, so I had to fly to New Delhi for my interview. But all those were small obstacles. It was worth it in the end."

Utsav Adhikari-Bio

MSc in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering , Chalmers University of Technology (2018-Present)

BSc in Environmental Engineering, Kathmandu University (2010-2014)


Text and photos by: Mohammad Raihan Abir

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.