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​Illustra​tion: Yen Strandqvist

“The world of mobility is so complex and interesting”

​Alessio Violin from the Polytechnic University of Turin has been an exchange student at Mobility engineering for a year. During that time, he got to be part of an interesting research project. 
The research project in question handled the topic of how e-scooters can safely operate in the city and was a way for the researchers to contribute to improving traffic safety. 

Alessio ViolinWhat was your role in this project? 
– I started being part of that project as a thesis student, the initial goal of the project was to better understand the level of safety of these new e-mobility vehicles and assess this through three main parameters: stability, maneuverability, and comfort.
Unfortunately, covid didn’t allow it, so due to the impossibility of performing tests with people, the goal changed to creating a data collection and data analysis procedure, which could be used as a standard for future studies. The thesis ended up in a scientific paper.
How did it feel to be a part of this?
– It has been challenging but at the same extremely interesting and exciting. Not a lot of studies were performed on this subject before and being part of this extremely growing trend of mobility from the beginning was really nice.

What was the most interesting thing that you learned?
– I learned quite a lot from this but what I think was the most important lesson is how complex and interesting the world of mobility is. So many different vehicles placed in the same environment must interact safely, and these studies are the first big step to reach this goal. 
How will you put what you learned at Chalmers into practice?
– I’ve already started working at Volvo cars with road load data analysis, but what I learned at Chalmers, except for the technical competencies, is the way to face a project. I come from Italy where the university is very theory-oriented. Here I had the chance to put into practice what I studied thanks to different projects and assignments which gave me an introduction to the “work environment” before I started working at a company.

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Apr 2022.