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Spring arrival

​"Spri​ng is when life is alive in everything"
Well, spring is finally here and so are the splendid bright evenings. The month of April marks the beginning of spring in Sweden and one can spot the tender crocus saplings sprouting out.
Honestly, every season has its own charm but, the happiness brought by the effervescent flowers and the azure sky is unmatchable. Spring in Gothenburg is usually accompanied with mild rains and winds but, one can pack the heavy woolens​ and a light jacket is just fine. 
After the long winters everybody here in Sweden welcomes spring in their own way. Believe me, once you come here you will agree that all this build up for spring is totally justifiable. 

If you are the kinds who prefer outdoor activities then the arrival of spring will indeed bring double happiness for you. You need not go to the gym for workout or daily exercise, a run through the forest trail or cycling through the meadows makes you feel more energized​ and cheerful. You can save some money from gym and enjoy a fika​ in a nice cafe in the city center (wink). 

Audio Description: Student Blog - Spring Arrival - Picture of Sunny Blue Spring SkySpring is the time when you will find a lot of people in the parks and the outdoor areas. Some, out with their barbeque grills enjoying the marsh mellows or the grilled salmon and sausages, while some simply strolling in the streets and basking the warmth of the mild Sun. So, if you are the kinds who don’t like to sweat it out then the barbeque experience will surely be fun for you.

Audio Description: Student Blog - Spring Arrival - Picture of Slottskogen park in springA visit to Slottskogen, which is Gothenburg’s biggest park tops the list of “to do things” on the onset of spring. The entire park covered with lush green trees and blooming flowers is an amazing place to be close to nature. One can even spot Nordic animals such as elks and deer and yes, Slottskogen has penguins. I still remember the happiness I had on my face when I saw the penguins for the first time in real. So if you are a nature lover and like to enjoy the calmness then Slottskogen is the place for you. The beautiful view of the bright orange sunset from the top of Slottskogen will simply catch your breath away. 

Personally I love the days which are far away from darkness. I like the late evening spring sunsets and I am looking forward to the pleasant Swedish summers​.

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.