Second-hand Shopping in Gothenburg!

Have you ever been to a country where second-hand shopping is a big part of the colourful culture?
Sweden is definitely a unique country when it comes to sustainability. It is even shown in Swedish people’s way of taking care of their belongings then swap, recycle, and upcycle when needed. This week, your friendly ambassadors - Sangeeth, Karen, and Titis - went to one of the biggest second-hand shops in Gothenburg and we want to share why you should experience it, too.
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We love the large range of products that we can get. 
From kitchen utensils to winter jackets, from bikes to picture frames, from books to old vinyl, mats, lamps, and even everyone’s favourite: board games! We discovered that the products are still in good condition, but sold at a very cheap price! Sangeeth got a barbeque grill for 125 SEK, while Karen bought a jumping rope and a paper hole-puncher for 40 SEK and Titis got a coat for 60 SEK! Very good deal, isn’t it?

Second-hand shops in Gothenburg generally get the items from recycling boxes placed all over the city. The employees are mostly volunteers, and the profit is used to help the ones in need. One thing that is exciting to most students is to live in an apartment where you can decorate all you want. It is super fun to decorate your room with unique things you find at a second-hand shop. Some students also like to do DIY projects to upcycle the goods they bought. You never know what gems you might find at a second-hand store. 

Where can you find these stores then? 
Audio Description: Student Blog - Second-hand Shopping in Gothenburg! - Picture of second hand store furniture
Almost everywhere in Gothenburg! Some are extremely specialised such as Beyond Retro who sell only designer clothing where it normally has higher prices compared to other second-hand stores. Then there are Stadsmissionen Ebbes Hörnaoutlets around the city as well as Myrorna which are much less selective in brands and as a result also offers a lot of cheap products. Since they have tons of items to sell, be sure to check carefully! It is possible to find a just-okay stuff, but you might also stumble upon a brilliant piece of clothing or a wonderful work of art. There are also those stores like Emmaus Björkå and Smyrna Second-hand that lie somewhere between the previous two categories. They are quite selective but not too much to drive prices extremely high. 

Then again, don’t take our word for it. Do a quick Google Maps or Facebook search for Second Hand or "loppis" and you’ll be hit with a bunch of results - both shops and market events. Spend some time going through them and who knows what you might find.

Text and Images by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari and Sangeeth Gandhi

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.