SAAB University day

​My experience visiting the Swedish defence and security office!

If you have seen my previous blog about mingle event with IKEA, now I will share you my experience visiting a company. This time, I went to SAAB office in the event called SAAB University Day​. SAAB, which stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Aeroplane Corporation), is a Swedish company that offers products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security to the global market. 

​I knew the event from Facebook that SAAB was inviting in total 300 students from KTH, Chalmers and Linköping University to visit their hangar in Linköping. At first, I was in doubt to apply because I wasn’t sure if my knowledge would be relevant. But I thought it could be an opportunity for me to know further about their products and meet their employees, so I applied for it.

The company provided us with accommodation to Linköping by sending buses to the invited universities, along with their employees to guide us. They also offered breakfast, lunch, and some fika during the event.

It was my first time to see Linköping. When we arrived there, we were encouraged to take pictures inside the hangar and upload the pictures with hashtag #joinSAAB. Usually, it is not allowed to take photos as SAAB is quite restrictive in security, but it was a ‘special’ day. It was an enticing day for me as I could meet new people from the other universities and the current SAAB employees. We could ask about their products, their works, also opportunities for the jobs and thesis projects. The employees were also welcome to share their contacts which was good to build a network. 

There were also presentations from the managers about how they saw the challenges for the company so that we could perceive the organisation better. We also had chances to experience their products, such as Gripen (only the replica), the fighter aircraft from SAAB which is also called “The Smart Fighter”. I was quite surprised that there were wider ranges of SAAB product portfolio than I knew before. It ranges from air, land, naval, security and civil aerospace. 
At the end of the fascinating and valuable day, we went back to Chalmers. This visit has given me insight as to how I could be a fit for the company in the future. This kind of opportunity would be helpful for students to figure out the future companies they want to aim.

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.