Relatable moments when you are a student at Chalmers

​Seven moments that are very common to happen during your life as a student at Chalmers!

Lunch seminars and free fika are one of our life-saving hacks
Let’s admit it, we all love free food. Thanks to Chalmers with so many events during lunch, we get food for our mind and stomach!

Wear the right pair of shoes
Gothenburg’s weather always has its mood swings. Always check the weather forecast before you leave the house. One annoying thing that happens to me a lot is to wear the wrong pair of shoes on a rainy day. Ergh.

Cheap weekends
We know that new students are usually the ones who roam around cheap cafes in Andra Långgatan for an after work during their first month (or even first year). Older students usually would choose something else in the city for an after work, or hangout at someone’s home, or inside campus like J.A. Pripps. During the spring or the summer, 90% of the times you will find Chalmers student roaming around Delsjön, Ramberget, Slottskogen, and Botaniska Tradgården on the weekends, ready for an outdoor fika or a picnic!

Run from class directly to the long queue at Express (or the microwave rooms)
The cheapest lunch on campus Johanneberg can be found at Express. Usually, when you have class right before lunch, you would run hungry from class directly to Express as it is famous for its good cheap food and long queues. If you have your own lunch, you would run to the microwave rooms, hoping that the queue isn’t so bad. If you go to Express, you’d hope that the people before you are considerate enough not to finish the whole salad dressing.

Full-booked group rooms during the exam week
Chalmers students study very hard during the exam week, and those comfy group rooms are always full-booked, even until late at night. You need to be quick!

Using Chalmers Student Card to find cheap travel tickets
Many international students usually plan their travel journey ahead to find the cheapest tickets for spring break, Christmas, and summer break. It is a good time to travel with new friends you meet here. And since Chalmers Student Card is super powerful, students usually find a student discount for the travel tickets. *PRO TIP: Make a separate email for promotions to get updates on cheap travel tickets, and book earlier for cheaper price!

Potluck International Dinner Parties
Having so many friends with many nationalities is even more fun when we share food. The international dinner party is one of the most common parties that the students experience here at Chalmers.

So those were the perks of being a Chalmerist! I hope you will experience as much fun as I do here at Chalmers, and let me know if you can relate to these moments!

Page manager Published: Tue 30 Oct 2018.