Ready for lift off with Chalmers robotics

​An automatic waffle making machine was my way into Chalmers Robotics, a makerspace where you can make futuristic stuff happen. 

In addition to my Embedded Engineering courses, my interest in robotics came about from my childhood. I always wanted to build my own autonomous robots which help us in daily life. I was looking for some place where I can put my imagination into reality. Thankfully Chalmers has a student-driven committee for Robotics which is a mix of multinational people working on advanced projects like remote-controlled drones and airplanes. It’s a place where all the cool stuff happens like building a robot from cardboards and plastics. I was particularly intrigued by 3D hangprinter with which we can 3D print pretty much anything that can be used for future projects.

At makerspace, we build different products every Wednesday and everyone gets hands-on experience by working on various engineering projects. On my first day, I started working on automatic waffle making machine, which operates without any human interference, starting from filling batter into waffle maker to placing it on a plate when finished. Being new to such an environment and having limited practical experience in this domain I was a bit apprehensive initially. But the people there were so understanding and helped me in every possible way to make sure that I am comfortable at each stage of the project. The mix of students was also interesting as there were people from different backgrounds and I had the opportunity to learn more about different fields by interacting with each of them. 

If you ask me, is there any prerequisite for joining Chalmers robotics: Yes, being curious or passionate about technology. People join with different backgrounds. Some don’t know anything about robotics or programming when they join. What is more important is the willingness to learn. 

Only a few weeks after becoming a member, me and my friend Fred teamed up to work on building a 3D-printer. I have seen Fred having a 3D Hangprinter mounted in his student dorm room. Because of this 3D Hangprinter, he got an opportunity to participate in robotics competition happened in China, Italy, and Norway. That was the point where I was inspired by him and wanted to build my own 3D-printer. One of the good things about Chalmers Robotics is that they encourage students by providing all the resources required to build their own project.

I began to understand how electronics integrated with robotics and developed new skills like project management within a team. All of this happened in a span of six months. I also started feeling more confident about myself and eagerly looking forward to more such opportunities during my master studies that will help me achieve my career goals.

Page manager Published: Tue 07 May 2019.