Quick guide to balance your studies

​Here are some tips that helped me balance my student life during my first semester at Chalmers.

I have previously written a blog about my experience of studying and doing lab work  in the Biomedical Engineering master’s at Chalmers. But now I want to share my best advice on how you can manage to balance your studies during your master’s. 

1. Be organized
You can study and also have a social life, but you need to prioritize things and plan ahead. There will be some busy weeks, so you better start early. I like keeping track of my deadlines in a calendar right next to my desk. For me it is also good to finish some activities earlier and have more time for others.

2. Find study groupsChalmers iInternational Student Ambassador - Nathaly with her friends
It is amazing how you can connect with people even through a meeting on Zoom. I have managed to have study groups that work out so well, and I’m really happy to have found support with my classmates. You can have some chit chat in between studying so you have a good time while completing your assignments or prepare for your exams. When we are not stressed over an assignment we can even go for hiking or shopping – as you can see in the picture of Amritha, Amelia and me, all are Electrical Engineers studying at Chalmers.

3. Exercise
We sometimes get so sucked up by the assignments and different duties, your eyes and body will appreciate a rest away from screen and moving a bit. I love dancing (almost every genre) hence, I put music sometimes and get my body moving to beat. Sometimes I just grab my mat and stretch a little before and after dancing. Also find support among your friends, it truly makes a difference. We got together with an ambassador friend (Abril) and keep track on the workout of the day so we don’t miss it.

4. Take responsibility
It is true that we haven’t had any lockdowns or curfew in Sweden, but it is up to you to take care of yourself and the people around (by avoiding the spread of the virus). That doesn’t mean that you should isolate yourself, because is good to have social interaction, but remain in contact with people you see often and avoid meeting new fellows for a while!

5. Find leisure activities
It could be either to go for a walk, play videogames, read, or practice your favorite sport. This is important to also maintain your mental health. The Student Union at Chalmers have a lot of associations so you can join one and practice with other people. But in general, any activity that boost your dopamine levels (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel rewarded, motivated and in a good mood).

5. Get good rest
You won’t be able to manage all your activities if you are too tired to perform in all of them. Getting a good night of sleep is the key on maintaining great energy the next day! For me, 7 hours are enough, but for some other people maybe 8 or 6 are fine for good rest. Know your body and regulate your sleeping hours. Try to avoid disturbances and screen time in late hours.

Picture of Chalmers International Student Ambasador: Nathaly

Author: Nathaly​

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Jun 2021.