Page manager Published: Wed 27 Jan 2016.

Prospective student from Estonia visited Chalmers

She told me how strongly she wants to be accepted at Chalmers.

​As I write my blog posts for Chalmers as a student ambassador, I wonder if they were read at all by the students or other people a part from me and Abhilash Ram (he's like a boss/friend/editor), Chalmers' communication officer. Then one night, I got an email from a girl from Estonia asking me about Chalmers, biotechnology, admissions etc. And in her mail, she wrote, 'I read you were an honor student yourself before applying to Chalmers,' then I thought, aha people must have really read my blogs. After communicating back and forth via email answering questions regarding the program and the admission procedures, Monika Tolgo told me she will be dropping by in Gothenburg in late January and asked if I could show her around Chalmers. 

I agreed and we meet up in front of Chalmers, and we walked around the campus. I took her to the Chemistry building, the library, and showed her to the Student Union building. We talked about the admission procedures and her English qualification results that has not reached Chalmers yet. I managed to get a permission from one of my awesome supervisors, Dr. Helena Barreto Henriksson for a short tour of the laboratory I am working in at Sahlgrenska Hospital, the Lundberg Laboratory of Orthopedic Research. Monika toured the cell culture room and the microscopy room and we ended the tour with a cup of hot tea each. We discussed our research interests and background. She told me how strongly she wants to be accepted at Chalmers. 

Monika Tolgo has applied to Chalmers for her Master's degree in Biotechnology. We look forward to seeing her this fall as well. Again, all fingers crossed. I would also like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Helena Barreto Henriksson for granting the permission to the Laboratory.

Written by: Daphne Hingert

Page manager Published: Wed 27 Jan 2016.