Printing Organs for a Summer Job

3D Printing is too mainstream, welcome to the world of 3D Bioprinting

I’ll start with a bit of background about myself. Although I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I was always fascinated by the Medical Technology industry. After graduating with my first degree, I decided to go on a new adventure and relocate to Sweden to join one of the leading technology schools worldwide. My goal was to acquire new skills and qualities including effectively collaborating with diverse and multicultural teams in addition to building a new network of like-minded individuals. Chalmers was the place to be.

During the second semester, I took a course called Tissue Engineering, and this is where I was introduced to possibilities in that field. This is where it all started, a spark that lit a fire of interest and desire to explore more. The excitement of our professor about how 3D Bioprinting is going to be the future of medicine made me take action and apply for the world leader in Bioprinter manufacturing, CELLINK, which also happens to be a Chalmers spinoff.

Besides being the first Bioink company in the world, CELLINK is the world leader in providing cost-effective 3D Bioprinters. Working with a technology that has the potential to solve so many problems in the healthcare sector is empowering. Knowing that one day, 3D bioprinting will eradicate organ donor waiting lists by making customizable human organs available on demand, eliminate animal cruelty for scientific research, accelerate drug development and cancer research is what drives my passion for this disruptive technology.

Even though we’re a team of around 80 people today, you can easily sense the young startup environment. CELLINK’s values and culture perfectly align with mine. Teamwork is at the core, and everyone’s opinion is heard and valued. This allows everyone to work towards the same mission. Achieving greatness while taking the world of medicine to the next level. This way, everyone’s achievements felt like they were my own.

My main goal for this internship was to extract the most learning outcomes I could possibly absorb and CELLINK definitely delivered. I was working with prestigious clients on a daily basis; professors and pioneers in the tissue engineering field working for MIT, Cambridge and ETH Zurich amongst many others. I was learning every day by closely observing how my colleagues dealt with pressure and unforeseen roadblocks in conjunction with how they tackle problems efficiently. I was determined to always have positive interactions with customers while instantly building strong trustful relationships.
As I’m writing this blog, I’m also booking our company booth in the Biointerfaces International conference held in ETH Zürich, Switzerland which I will be attending to represent CELLINK.
I’m extremely grateful for this fruitful opportunity, and I cannot wait to see what the future has for me. All this would not have been possible without the connections Chalmers helped me acquire.

See my interview on the CELLINK website here.

Text and images by Christophe Hoyek

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.