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Audio Description: International Student Ambassador - Seren

Seren Necla Sevim

Just think about the university where you do not want to leave even if your courses are done. Welcome to Chalmers!

Hej allihopa!

I’m Seren from Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Bioengineering from Ege University. Currently I am studying a Master’s Programme in Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology. I am a cheese and beer lover. Not only its taste but also the process how is made. I’m really the one of the biggest fan of Doctor Who and other geeky stuff. You think which Doctor is the best? ^^

I also like learning something new about languages and regional cuisine, so please feel free to introduce your own culture to me. I believe that each new language and regional taste bring with its own culture. That’s why I’m trying to learn French and Swedish beside English. To be a world citizen as much as I can!

Sweden was always somewhere deep inside of me and now I am living inside of Sweden.

My Sweden adventure started with my love of IKEA. My previous university was really close to IKEA. I was buying candles, köttbullar (Swedish meatballs), ginger biscuits... and yet I was rather ignorant of Sweden. Sweden was waiting for me but I didn’t know that yet. Suddenly, everything started.

Last summer I was in University of Gothenburg for internship. I had never studied abroad before and also never lived without my parents. New home, new culture, new language, new friends, everything… Despite all, I had never felt stranger in Sweden not even a moment. However I had to leave at the end of summer. But no! It was not time to say goodbye. It was time to apply to a master's programme at Chalmers!

Challenge accepted!

I nailed it! Now I am writing these sentences at Chalmers in the company of kanelbullar & coffee (a.k.a. Fika) and good music on Spotify - both very strongly Swedish things.

Why Chalmers?

Quick answer: A university is like a second home and home is wherever you feel free and happy. Chalmers is my new home!

I had heard so many things about Chalmers during my internship, but I did not really get to experienced them. Now it is my second month at Chalmers and I have already seen that I am not only studying at Chalmers but also I am living here with the best feelings. Just think about the university where you do not want to leave even if your courses are done. Welcome to Chalmers!  This is the university where you can build on your own ideas and make them come true easily. All you need is to be respectful, open-minded and sustainable!

My Bio:

  • MSc in Biotechnology, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (2015– present)
  • Erasmus Internship, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg (2014)
  • BSc. in Bioengineering, Ege University, Turkey (2010 - 2015)

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