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Arsalan Latif

Arsalan Latif

A year ago, I was like you, so I plan to share my experiences and my story by being a Chalmers student ambassador.

A year ago, I was like you. A new student coming from a land far far away (Pakistan to be specific). From then to the present, I have lived in Gothenburg for a little over a year, over which I have had numerous experiences. Since then I have been given different names; the notable of which are Aslan and Hardware. My real name is Arsalan but I have been known to respond to various pronunciations. A little about myself. I’m a master’s student in Biomedical Engineering. I have completed one year (of my two year program), and have opted for a whole year thesis for my second year. So, instead of taking courses and lectures, you’ll probably find me working in the lab with cells, gels and lasers.

Who am I?

My story is a little different (at least I think). For you see, I’m actually Swedish (at least technically I am). But I don’t speak Swedish, not yet anyway. I was born here in Sweden, but grew up in Denmark and Pakistan. That sort of upbringing brings about a sort of hybridness (at least that’s what I’ve been told). In essence, I completed my schooling in Denmark and Pakistan, and my undergraduate studies in Pakistan. From there, I moved back here to Sweden to do my masters.

I still haven’t answered the question, “Who am I?” The answer depends. I am a Biomedical Engineer. I am a master student. I am Aslan. I am spontaneous. But I suppose, above all, I am a Chalmerist.

Why Chalmers? Why Sweden?

The immediate answer which comes to mind is; Sweden is home or at least it has become home. Being Swedish, it was known that I would be returning to Sweden, having completed my undergraduate degree in Pakistan. To indulge you more, I shall elaborate further. Apart from Sweden having a warm, generous populace of individuals; it offers the highest standards of education. Chalmers University of Technology being one of the top tier universities. My decision to join Chalmers was purely factual, that is, well-reasoned and thought out. Chalmers offered a diverse path for my master’s degree, while ensuring the freedom to develop my personality. Both of which hold high points in my book.

As I said before, a year ago, I was like you. I plan to share my experiences and my story by being a Chalmers student ambassador. See you in Gothenburg.

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