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Angsusorn Apirajkamol (Emma)

Angsusorn Apirajkamol (Emma)

Chalmers and Gothenburg may seem small, yet, there is everything you could ever ask for and a bit more. It is the best place for living, learning and enjoying your life.

สวัสดีค่ะ – Sa-Was-Dee Ka – Hej!

I am Angsusorn Apirajkamol. But…calling me ‘Emma’ will be a lot easier and a time saving for you. With such a long name like this, you would probably be able to guess that I came from Thailand. I am studying International Project Management here at Chalmers. My background is Architecture, which I prefer to leave behind me (you may know why if you are architecture student) and pursue more on the consulting management world. I had been working as an Architect for 3 years. I am a backpacking traveler, snowboarding, Nutella and Ben & Jerry’s lover; and sometimes I also go on solo backpacking trips. So, any-one want to join me?

First time in European country.

This is my first time in a European country (I do not even need to specify the ‘Scandinavian’ region). I would not want to admit it, but the first breath of air that I breathed in after landing here, travelled down my windpipe and into my lungs and made me think ‘hmmm this is how EU air smells like’ and it smells like rain here in Gothenburg.

I love learning about new cultures and the best way is through getting to know new people. Cultural diversity is the most beautiful thing, however, a culture shock may not be that lovely sometimes. A year ago, I knew nothing about Sweden but the cold. The infographic map indicating how many ski resorts there are in this country is the only other thing I knew back then. Sweden was like a far far away land to me, especially from where I came. Also, ‘have I ever heard anything about Gothenburg before?’ Of course not!!! Surprising but true is that "I found it is a lot easier than I expected adjusting myself here", without any particular culture shock and I started to feel like home after my second week in Gothenburg.

Why Chalmers?

I received the Sievert Larsson scholarship which made my dreams of studying at Chalmers come true. I have the secret that I will tell you only if you promise that you can keep a secret. If yes, please don’t tell anyone that I also received the Erasmus Mundus Plus scholarship for studying an Erasmus Mundus program as well, then I had to decide between the two. Now you know that I chose Chalmers and it is one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Three months after being here, I now know that Chalmers and Gothenburg may seem small, yet, there is everything you could ever ask for and a bit more. It is the best place for living, learning and enjoying your life. I am a very outgoing person who loves to explore the city, nature, people, society and culture; I was so afraid that here will be far too small for me to explore, but I was totally wrong. You can expect to read more stuffs about that from me on this page.

When I look at Chalmers, I see possibilities, alternatives, and opportunities that Chalmers and its community can give.

There is a lot of doors waiting to be opened here at Chalmers. Chalmers and the Sievert Larsson scholarship have given me ‘the belief’ in my capability to do things. Come join me and we will open these fantastic doors together. And if you want to, the first step might be emailing and asking. I will be here, using my experiences to assist you as much as I can.

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