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Yuxi Zhao

Why are you back for Chalmers? Because I like the people, the campus, the city and it provides my desired master program Quality and Operations Management with a lot of industry interactions. Simple as that!

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My name is Yuxi Zhao, from a beautiful coastal city named Xiamen in south east of China. I have been living far away from my home, my family for almost 8 years of studying, travelling and working. And obviously, Göteborg has transformed from a travel destination to one of the most meaningful cities for me.

My destiny with Chalmers

My very first insight about Sweden came from my dad who studied communication engineering in Stockholm in 1980’s. He told me stories when I was a little girl about the language barriers and culture differences he had experienced and how he overcame them. I thought it would be fascinating if I could go to Sweden to take an adventure as my dad did.

What actually brought me to Sweden was an exchange program in college. My friend Jessica invited me when we were classmates in the US. We decided to come to Sweden because I wanted to visit the country where my dad studied and both of us think Chalmers owns very high reputation on academics and innovation. In the half year of exchange, we studied hard during weekdays and played hard on weekends. We made a lot of friends, took ferry to Denmark, tasted international dishes, baked for festivals, and got the deep dip into Fika culture. Every day was memorable and fulfilling. Now, I major in Quality and Operations Management as I had a clear vision of what I can expect from Chalmers and what I want to work with after graduation.

Back to study after working? Never an issue!

I was told that people need courage to be back to school once they started working and loaded with empirical knowledge, all the theories that had been learned can never be perfectly applied to the real world, whereas just learn from the practices. I don’t view learning in this way. Things learned in school are systematically structured with theories, models, as well as cognition and values. Especially in Chalmers, we have high diversity of students, professors with various industrial backgrounds, enormous educational resources, and projects cooperation with well-known companies. All the perspectives shared and gained can never be achieved by working in a single company. In addition, we are provided with chances to study Swedish in order to better understand the society and interact with people. Studying at Chalmers actually encourages me to keep chasing my dream without fears. I am so glad that I am back for further developing myself to fit my career plan.

My obligation as a student ambassador

Back in time when I was applying, I got in contact with former student ambassadors through social media and discussed about culture difference we might face in our perspectives. The discussion actually made me search a lot and helped me better prepared my study in Sweden. Now, it is an honor for me to take over the relay baton. I wish to be an ambassador who serves prospective students so that, no matter what their background is, they can get access to my stories and become curious about studying here and also serve current students with information and opportunities in terms of studying and living. In the platform of social media or face to face, I am willing to discuss with people about their concerns like I had before stepping out for an exchange program or a graduate program.

My Bio
  • Master of Quality and Operations Management, Chalmers (2015-Present)
  • Chalmers Foundation’s Top-up Scholarship Awardee
  • Quality Production Leader, Footwear Industrial Division, Decathlon, China (2013-2015)
  • Researcher, Prof. Steve Severtson’s Research Team, University of Minnesota- Twin Cites, USA (2011-2013)
  • Bachelor of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA (2008-2012)
  • Exchange Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chalmers (Fall 2011)


Text: Yuxi Zhao
Edited by: Abhilash Ram
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